Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Mini Biography

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s charisma, undeniable charm and versatility have landed him a variety of prestigious feature films, working alongside a number of award-winning actors and filmmakers. With a handful of major studio films due out in the coming months and consistently working on back-to-back productions, Morgan has captured the attention of Hollywood and has emerged as one of the industry’s most sought-after leading men.

Morgan was born in Seattle, Washington, the son of Sandy Thomas and Richard Dean Morgan.[1] He attended Ben Franklin Elementary School, Rose Hill Junior High and Lake Washington High School in the nearby smaller city of Kirkland, Washington. Morgan was a basketball player in high school and university. He was a graphic artist for a time, until he helped a friend move to Los Angeles.


  • He has a dog named Bisou, which means “a little and sweet kiss” in French. Bisou is a female Rottweiler mix.
  • In his free time he enjoys spending time with his friends and laughing as much as possible, painting, writing and reading.
  • Under “skills,” his résumé lists: basketball, baseball and many other sports, Mountain & Water Athletics, Cooking, Construction. Under “dialects,” it lists: New York, Italian, various regional dialects.
  • He is friends with agent, Richard Lewis, whose support was “invaluable in keeping me going and getting back to where I am today.”
  • His former manager (who happened to be a very good friend of his) dropped him because he just wasn’t getting work just the day before he got his role on “Supernatural” (2005), claiming she couldn’t resurrect his career.
  • Did a painting and donated it to the ‘Race for the Rescues’ “Walk of Paws Celebrity Art Auction,” on October 29, 2006. The money raised at the event went to help shelter dogs and cats in and around Pasadena, CA.
  • Learned to play the guitar for his part in P.S. I Love You (2007), after about a week of lessons from Heart’s Nancy Wilson.
  • Is a die-hard Seahawks fan.
  • Started a graphic art company in Seattle before moving to Los Angeles and becoming an actor.
  • His mother, Sandy, is a big fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” (2005).
  • Was in a relationship with his “Weeds” (2005) co-star Mary-Louise Parker from August 2006 – April 2009.
  • He is of primarily Scottish heritage.
  • He and his Watchmen (2009) co-star Billy Crudup both have been in a relationship with Mary-Louise Parker. Crudup lived with her from 1996-2003 and they have a son together. Morgan started dating Parker in 2006, they became engaged in 2008, but eventually broke up.
  • Even though he played Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s father on “Supernatural” (2005), Jeffrey is only twelve years older than Jensen.
  • Has been in a relationship with actress Hilarie Burton since May 2009. Hilarie gave birth to their first child, a boy named Gus, in March 2010.