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Who out there is super excited that Jeffrey has joined the cast on The Walking Dead?!?!?! I’m bummed he’s playing a bad guy (cuz I hate looking at his adorable face with hatred) but he does play the bad guy so well… Also super happy that next year we’ll be seeing much more of him each week 🙂

I’ve added HQ stills and screen captures from last nights episode as well as photos and screen captures from Talking Dead, which aired after the season finale. Hope you all enjoy!


[Promo & Promotional Photos] The Walking Dead 6×16 (Season Finale)

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on playing The Walking Dead’s Negan

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The Internet exploded when word came out that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be playing The Walking Dead’s biggest comic book villain Negan when season 6 returns in February (although look for Negan to show up near the very end of the season). Having already played one psychopath in the Comedian from Watchmen, Morgan seemed like the perfect choice to play the foul-mouthed, barbed-wire-covered-baseball-bat toting Negan.

As excited as fans are to see him in the role, the actor himself may be even more excited to carry around that bat (named Lucille). That became clear when Morgan dropped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, Channel 105) this morning to chat with Jessica Shaw and yours truly about his addition to The Walking Dead universe as well as his charismatic turn as lawyer-turned-investigator Jason Crouse on The Good Wife. While Morgan admitted that continuing after this season on both shows is going to be difficult (“We’ll see how that turns out. It’s gonna be f—ing hard.”), he had plenty to say about his brand new job as AMC’s biggest baddie yet.

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