About That Time Andrew Lincoln Broke Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Nose

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They’re enemies on screen, but in real life, The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn’t love each other more.

However, as the duo revealed to E! News at the show’s big season eight premiere/100th episode celebration, all the love in the world couldn’t stop Lincoln from getting a little too into character during a fight scene between Rick and his nemesis, Morgan’s Negan. “We really do beat each other up,” Morgan admitted about the all-too-real scraps between the characters. “He punched me. He broke my nose.”

“But then he kneed me in the Willy Wonka,” Lincoln said with a laugh.

“I barely kneed him in his junk and it’s like that was payback,” Morgan responded. “No! He dropped me.”

“I did drop him,” Lincoln conceded. “Breaking news!”

So how does one make it up to his friend after he gets a little too carried away and accidentally breaks his nose? Not with flowers. “No, he got me a massage,” Morgan revealed.

“I did,” Lincoln said. “And a facial!”

As the season eight premiere made abundantly clear, Rick and his coalition are bringing the fight to Negan this season, leaving his Sanctuary ground zero for a massive horde of walkers. Though the fight is far from over, our hero left his enemy in quite the pickle. However this all out war ends on screen, it’s clear that the love off-screen will likely be left in tact.

“If you had to choose to work with an actor who is unbelievably awesome, it’s Andy Lincoln,” Morgan gushed about his co-star. “We get so excited about the opportunity whenever we get to work together, we’re texting each other in excitement. And then we go to work and it’s hard…”

“It’s hard as s–t, but it’s great fun, man,” Lincoln jumped in. “And to work with someone as experienced and as brilliant as this guy—I’ve said it before, but he just adds to this show in such a unique and beautiful way and it’s a thrill. It’s like tennis—you play with someone better than you, you raise your game.”

To see the Rick-Negan lovefest, be sure to check out the video above!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Negan’s Next Move On ‘The Walking Dead’

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Even though the war arrived at Negan’s doorstep in the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t seem very worried for his character.

In an interview with ComicBook.com on the red carpet for the show’s 100th episode, Morgan had an enthusiastic tease for his character’s continued villainy which might spell trouble for Seth Gilliam’s Father Gabriel character. Check out the interview [here].

In Episode 8×01, Morgan’s Negan marched onto his balcony with all of the confidence in the world. However, his confidence was met only with threats and gunfire from Rick’s army. It was a sudden twist for the character which left him hobbling and seeking safety outside of his own home. Surround by walkers, Negan stumbled into a nearby trailer where he found a familiar face.

“I think we left off with Negan and Father Gabriel saying, ‘I hope you got your s—in’ pants on,'” Morgan said. “I think next is seeing what’s in that trailer!”

While Gilliam remains optimistic for his character’s survival, Morgan is simply excited for fans to see what’s next between Negan and Gabriel. “I love Father G and I love Seth,” Morgan said. “That’s gonna be a fun episode. This whole year, it’s flat out balls to the wall the whole time.”


[PHOTOS] “The Walking Dead” Season 8 Promotional Images

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Hey all!

I’ve just updated the gallery with more Season 8 promotional images from The Walking Dead. Hope y’all enjoy!


[Video] ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Con 2017 Panel

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“The Walking Dead” Season 8 Official Comic-Con Trailer

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[PHOTOS] “The Walking Dead” Gallery Update

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Hey all!

I’ve added high quality episode stills and behind the scenes photos from the season finale. Hope y’all enjoy!


Walker Stalker Announces “The Walking Dead” Cruise (2018)

The Walking Dead

Walker Stalker Con is at it again. This time they’re planning an epic cruise getaway with stars of The Walking Dead.

Sailing from New Orleans, Louisiana to Cozumel Mexico, the convention on water is set to play host to thousands of fans of The Walking Dead on a five day adventure. Trapped on the boat with the excited fans will be none other than The Walking Dead’s biggest names.

Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and the writer/creator of the series Robert Kirkman are currently on board to set sail on January 26, returning on January 30. The official Walker Stalker Cruise website says “more to be announced” beneath the already impressive line-up.

In 2017, the Walker Stalker Cruise took thousands of fans from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas. On board were the two actors returning for 2018, along with Aaron actor Ross Marquand, Paul “Jesus” Rovia actor Tom Payne, Tara actress Alanna Masterson, Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs, Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz, Enid actress Katelyn Nacon, Nicholas actor Michael Traynor, and executive producer Greg Nicotero.

On board the ship, fans can attend special events such as panels hosted by the show’s stars, Bingo nights, or the headphone disco where they may find themselves dancing next to their favorite actor or a zombie. Various cosplay contests take the stage at night which is occupied by a bellyflop contest earlier in the day.

Pre-sale rooms are available for booking now at Walker Stalker Cruise’s official site. Sales are facilitated by the highly accommodating Sixthman crew.

The Walking Dead will return for its eighth season in October of 2017. The first trailer is expected to arrive at San Diego Comic Con in July. For complete coverage and insider info all off-season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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